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Replacement Hose for Truck Loaders

photo of Truck Debris Loader Hose

Top quality commercial grade replacement hose for all top brand truck loader debris removal equipment.

Replacement Debris Truck Loader Hose for these Top Brands and More:

  • Billy Goat Truck Loader Hose
  • Little Wonder Truck Loader Hose
  • Gravely
  • Echo Bear Cat
  • Scag Giant Vac

 Debris & Leaf Vacuum Hose for Truck Loaders

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Replacing vac hose for leaf, lawn and mulching equipment doesn’t have to be confusing…

There are just a few factors you need to consider before you buy. Many times it comes down to puncture resistance and durability, but there are a few other characteristics you may want to consider.

What Factors are Most Important to You?

  • smoothness of inner way for easier flow of materials
  • do you need to be able to see through the hose in case material gets clogged?
  • application: mulch blowing, straw blowing, twigs and sticks
  • cost
See the Leaf Vac Hose Comparison Chart

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Any Questions?

Flexadux® T-7W
  • General all purpose hose
  • Designed for homeowners as well as occasional to moderate commercial use.
  • Great for grass clippings, leaves, small twigs, etc…
Flex Tube® TR
  • Very Flexible and Crush Resistant
Flex Tube® PV
  • Very Flexible & Crush Resistant
  • Ultra smooth interior wall for excellent material flow
Flex Tube® PU
  • Best choice for mulch blowing applications.
  • Superior puncture, abrasion & wear resistance
  • It’s puncture, abrasion and wear resistance make it optimal choice for a mulch blowing company or landscaper.

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