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Choosing the Right Hose for Lawn & Garden Applications

Buying lawn or leaf vacuum hose, lawn vacuum hose or mulch hose DOESN’T have to be confusing!  You just need to know what is most important to you and for your  application. Whether you are just looking to replace the vac hose for your  leaf vacuum system, or need a more durable hose for mulch blowing, straw blowing or grass and twig vacuum applications, we will help you find the RIGHT hose for the job.

Use Our Leaf Vacuum Hose Comparison Chart to Help You Choose the Right Product

In many cases, the most important factor in purchasing hose is its ability to resist punctures and tears.

Urethane hose is the most puncture resistant and our Flex Tube PU is highly recommended for mulch blowing. It is also the best for leaf and grass collection.

The Flexadux T-7W and Flex Tube TR hoses are made of a thermoplastic rubber material. They are both puncture resistant and work well in extreme weather temperatures. The Flexadux T-7W is the least expensive product.

PVC hose is generally the least puncture resistant, but our Flex Tube PV has its advantages. The wall is heavier than other PVC hoses, making it more heavy duty and extremely popular for leaf collection. It also has a smooth interior for excellent flow of materials, and is clear, for user visibility.

***if you get to the shopping cart and the hose size you have selected is not in stock, it does not mean that is not available. It simply means that size needs to be cut for your order.

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photo of Flexadux T-7W leaf vacuum hose

Flexadux® T-7W

Flexadux® T-7W is an all purpose lawn & leaf vacuum hose.

  • It is a medium weight wire reinforced thermoplastic rubber hose w/ an external wearstrip and a semi smooth inner wall
  • It is our least expensive hose product and is intended for general residential or light commercial use

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Flex Tube® TR

Flex Tube TR Vac Hose is a medium weight black co-extruded thermoplastic rubber hose with a rigid black external polypropylene helix.

  • It features an ultra smooth interior wall for maximum efficient airflow
  • The hose is very flexible & crush resistant
  • Tight bend radius and is moisture & chemical resistant
  • It is designed for applications with a wide range of temperatures
  • The helix acts as a wearstrip

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photo of Flex Tube TR leaf vac hose
photo of Flexaust Flex Tube PV leaf vac hose

Flex Tube® PV

Flex-Tube PV features and benefits:

  • Medium weight
  • Economical
  • Ultra smooth interior wall for efficient airflow
  • VERY flexible and crush resistant
  • Spiral co-extruded engineered construction
  • Helix acts as a wear strip
  • Wall thickness= .030″ (2.5″-3″), .032″ (4″), .035″ (5″-8″), .040″ (9″-10″)
  • OEM lengths available
  • Available in a flame retardant version(Flex-Tube PV-FR)
  • Cuffs available

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Flex Tube® PU

Flex Tube PU vacuum hose is a medium weight clear co-extruded polyurethane hose with a rigid yellow external ABS helix primarily used for leaf collection and lawn & garden vacuum applications.

  • Features an ultra smooth interior for efficient airflow
  • It offers excellent abrasion resistance and wear performance
  • Puncture, crush & tear resistant
  • Good low temperature flexibility
  • Helix acts as a wear strip
  • Excellent hydrolysis & microbial resistance
  • Cuffs also available

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Which Hose is Best for You?

View Our Leaf & Lawn Vac Hose Chart that simplifies the various characteristics of the hose we carry. Hopefully this will help you make the right decision.

As with all of the products Ken Jones Tires offers, we offer expert product support and are just an emaillive chat or phone call away! Unlike other online companies, we ENCOURAGE you to call us if you have any questions.

Choose your application and your size and we will get the right hose shipped to you! A quality vac hose will keep your equipment running throughout spring and fall clean up seasons. Whether you are cleaning out leaves or blowing mulch, the right vacuum hose will get the job done!

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