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Flex Tube PU is the perfect choice hose for mulch blowing applications!

Mulch Blowing Hose

Mulch hose requires a more durable, puncture resistant type of construction. While flexibility and smooth interior flow are important, it is the resistance to tears and punctures that will really make a difference when you are out on a job. Ken Jones is proud to offer Flexaust Hose, the more durable and dependable hose available for the requirements for bark mulch blowing and spring clean up applications. Light weight, and east to handle, this hose was designed to reduce worker fatigue. This product is an excellent alternative to traditional heavy hoses that are difficult to maneuver.

Mulch Hose


Which Vacuum Hose is Best for Mulching Applications?

The Flex-Tube® PU is the best choice for mulch blowing applications. While the Flextube PU is the best choice for this application, Flex Tube PV and Flex Tube TR can also be used because the inner way is smooth and will allow the flow of mulching materials.

Mulch & Bark Transfer Hose

Abrasion Resistant Mulch and Bark Transfer Hose is an excellent choice for delivery of wood fiber, playground surfacing material, straw, seed or compost material.

Available Sizes

The most common size is the 4″x50″ Flextube-PU, but it is also available in the following sizes:

4 Inch Mulch Hose

6 Inch Mulch Hose

7 Inch Mulch Hose

8 Inch Mulch Hose

9 Inch Mulch Hose

10 Inch Mulch Hose

12 Inch Mulch Hose

Click here to find the Flex -Tube® Mulch Hose Specifications Chart and Accessories.

Flexhaust leaf vacuum hose

If you have any questions about which mulch blowing hose is right for you, just give us a call!

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Video: Flextube PU Leaf Vacuum Hose and Mulch Hose | Call 1-800-225-9513 | Ken Jones, Inc. Leaf vacuum hose, lawn vacuum hose and mulch hose from Ken Jones, Inc. Choosing the right vac hose for your lawn and garden vac systems doesn't have to be confusing. Whether you are just looking to replace the vac hose for your leaf vacuum system, or need a more durable hose for mulch blowing, straw blowing or grass and twig vacuum applications, or leaf collection, we will help you find the RIGHT hose for the job. Steve Jones here from Ken Jones Incorporated. Today I'd like to talk to you about our Flex Tube PU hose. The Flex Tube PU is not only the best for lawn and leaf vacs, but it's also ideal for mulch blowing. The Flex Tube PU is made of a urethane material, making it extremely strong and puncture resistant. Materials like mulch and straw can have sharp edges and you need a hose that won't tear. This hose has an external yellow helix that acts as a wearstrip and helps against abrasion. And because this helix is on the outside of the hose, the inside is very smooth, allowing for efficient flow of materials. The hose is also clear, so you can see the material going through. The Flex Tube PU comes standard in 12 and 25 foot lengths, but we can cut it to 6 foot lengths as well. If you have any questions about hose, or any of the products we offer, give us a call at 1-800-225-9513. See you next time... Choose your application and your size and we will get the right hose shipped to you! A quality vac hose will keep your equipment running throughout spring and fall clean up seasons. Whether you are cleaning out leaves or blowing mulch, the right vacuum hose will get the job done! Ken Jones, Inc. 73 Chandler Street Worcester, MA 01609 1-800-225-9513 Ken Jones, Inc. is a wholesale tire distributor and online tire dealer for tractor tires, mower tires, farm tires, construction tires and other off road tires. We ship specialty tires, tire chains and tire tubes throughout the United States. Tire Dealers, Equipment Dealers, and Golf Courses can enjoy wholesale pricing and 24/7 convenient online ordering. Click here for more information: Visit our main website: for more information on out products. Read our blog: Facebook: Youtube Channel: LinkedIn: Google+: