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Leaf Vac Hose Springfield MA

Lawn & Leaf Vacuum Hose- Springfield MA

If you are looking to replace the hose on lawn & leaf vacuum systems, we are here to help!
As with all the products we sell, we want to make it easy to find the right product for your application and your budget!

What you Need to Know Before you Buy Vac Hose

  • Puncture resistance?
  • Smoothness of the inner wall?
  • Ability to see through the hose?
  • Flexibility
  • Cost?



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Vacuum Hose Replacement for:

  • Trac Vac
  • DR Leaf & Lawn Vacs
  • Brinly PolyVAC Lawn Vac Systems
  • Commander Leaf Vacuum
  • Cyclone Rake Commercial Leaf Vacuum Systems
  • PECO Lawn Vac
  • Agri Fab Vacuum Systems
  • Tow Behind Vac Systems
  • Leaf Vac Trailer Systems


Chart to Help you Choose the Right Hose

Leaf Vac Hose Comparison Chart & Guide

Ken Jones, the RIGHT choice for Lawn & Leaf Vacuum Hose in Springfield MA!