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Leaf Vacuum Hose – Providence RI


Leaf Vacuum Hose Replacement can be somewhat confusing online. At Ken Jones, we want to make it as easy as possible to find the right hose for your needs. Some factors to consider before you buy are; size, flexibility needs, puncture resistance, and do you need to be able to see through the hose to easily detect clogs. Our vac hose experts are just a phone call away, so if you are not sure what you need just give us a call!


Call 1-800-225-9513

Watch the video below to help get you started. Or scroll down to see the chart that helps you choose the right hose.

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Use the chart below to find the RIGHT Vac Hose


Product Construction Wall Thickness Temperature Flexibility Color Interior Puncture Resistance  Price
Flexadux® T-7W  1 1/2″ – 24″  Medium weight wire reinforced Thermoplastic Rubber w/ external wearstrip 0.03 -60° to 275° Better Black w/ yellow wearstrip Semi-Smooth Better Least Expensive
Flex Tube®PV      2″- 12″ Medium weight co-extruded PVC hose with external PVC helix .030 (2″- 3″) .035 (5″-8″) .040 (9″-12″) 20° to 160° Better Clear w/ black helix Smooth Good Moderate
 Flex- Tube® TR 2″ – 10″ Medium weight co-extruded Thermoplastic Rubber hose w/ external polypropylene helix .026(2″-5″) .035(6″-8″) .040(10″) -60° to 275° Good Black w/ black helix Smooth Better Moderate
Flex Tube® PU 2″ – 12″ Medium weight co-extruded urethane hose with external ABS helix .032 (2″) .033(3″-5″) .035(6″-8″) .040(10″-12″) -40° to 200° Better Clear w/ yellow helix Smooth Best Most Expensive

At Ken Jones, we make it EASY to BUY Leaf Vacuum Hose online!