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Vacuum Hose Leaf Vac Systems


Leaf Vacuum Hose Replacement in Boston, MA

Need to replace the hose of your leaf vac equipment? Ken Jones is here to help! As with all of the products we sell, we offer exceptional product support, fast shipping, and the best selections to meet your application needs. While our website has great information to help you choose the right vac hose with charts and videos- don’t forget that we also welcome your phone calls if you have any questions!

Call 1-800-225-9513

Scroll down to see the chart that will help you find the right hose.


Replacement Leaf Vacuum Hose for:

    • Trac Vac
    • PECO Lawn Vac
    • Scag Giant Vac
    • Brinly PolyVac Lawn Vacuum Systems
    • Cyclone Rake
    • Commander Leaf Vacs
    • Billy Goat Vac Systems
    • DR Tow Behind Leaf & Lawn Vacuums

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See the Chart Below to Compare Vac Hose Types

Leaf Vac Hose Comparison Chart & Guide

Ken Jones wants to make it EASY to BUY Leaf Vacuum Hose in Boston MA!