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Best Leaf Vac Hose for Lawn Tractor Leaf Collection

Flextube PU- your Best Option for
Lawn Tractor Leaf Collection Hose Replacement

Lawn tractor vacuum hose needs to be durable enough to keep your machines working all season long. Our Flextube PU® is a durable crush resistant outdoor transfer hose ideal for lawn, leaf, refuse and mulch blowing applications. It also has excellent hydrolosis and microbial resistance.

Flex-Tube® PU Features and Benefits:

MEDIUM weight
ULTRA smooth interior for efficient airflow
GREAT abrasion resistance
EXCELLENT wear performance
Puncture and tear resistant with high tensile strength
Good low temperature flexibility
Crush resistant
Spiral co-extruded engineered construction
Helix acts a s a wear strip
Excellent hydrolysis and microbial resistance
Wall thickness= .032″ (2.5″), .033″ ((3″-5″), .035″ (6″-8″), .040″ (9″-10″)
OEM lengths available
cuffs available

Any Questions- Give one of our Vacuum Hose Experts a Call or Find Your Size to Purchase

Customer Service support for buying leaf vacuum hose & mulch hose

Watch the Video Below for More Details about this Leaf Vac and Mulch Hose

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